Clean Start Weight Loss Program


Weight Loss Program – Lose Belly Fat

What Is It?

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program is a medically supervised weight loss plan that successfully targets bad fat by restarting the metabolism and makes you lose belly fat, including all areas of your body. The program is able to deliver fast and noticeable weight loss results through the supervision of a medical physician. What sets the Clean Start Weight Loss Program apart from alternative weight loss programs is the variety of specialized treatment plans they have available and customized for each participant. Because the support and regulated guidance of a physician is what steers the treatment plan, the unique and rapid Clean Start Weight Loss Program is able to incorporate the use of an HCG prescription and lipotropic injections. These fat-burn promoting enhancers are only available through the administration of a licensed healthcare provider. The combination of an HCG prescription and lipotropic injection provide even greater results because they transition the body into cytosis, which safely promotes weight loss by causing the body to target and burn problem fat as a source of energy.

Real Patient Results

Real Patient Results

What The Program Includes

In addition to your provided weight loss treatment plan resourceful benefits also include:

  • Medical history review- to ensure optimal safety and results to lose belly fat.
  • Lab testing- before you begin the program, comprehensive lab testing is done in order to identify if and what weight loss treatment is right for you!
  • Comprehensive patient guide book- contains all the amazing information and tools included in your personalized plan.
  • Cookbook with over 50 recipes- because there are no bland packaged foods in this rapid program, you are provided with delicious recipes that you can prepare at home.
  • Food journal- to help track your meal plan for you and your physician.
  • Shopping guide- provides patients with the suggested food items to include in the recipes.

What To Expect

With comprehensive weekly visits to your Clean Start Weight Loss physician, you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your entire journey. Results from your customized program are so impressive because it trains your body to safely eliminate stubborn bad fat by speeding up the metabolism, increasing your energy level, and lose belly fat by turning it into usable energy. You can expect to notice quick and long-lasting results that are unique and specialized to benefit you. Some participants in the program have even reported losing up to a pound a day over the 30-day course of their plan, and being able to keep it off due to the advanced resource benefits provided.

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