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Body Contouring

Orange Blossom Aesthetics

Medical Spa located in New Port Richey, FL

Even if you work out daily and try to eat right, you can’t avoid some fatty areas and some skin and muscle laxity that appear and persist as you age. At Orange Blossom Aesthetics in New Port Richey, Florida, Reut Bardach, MD, and the skilled medical spa team can target, tighten, and slim such areas with noninvasive body contouring treatments catered to your needs and desires. To find out what body contouring treatments can do for your appearance, request an appointment by phone or online at Orange Blossom Aesthetics today.

Body Contouring Q & A

What are body contouring treatments?

Body contouring treatments reshape your body by reducing fat or building muscle in certain weak, lax, or fatty areas. At Orange Blossom Aesthetics, you can get noninvasive body contouring treatments to slim down and tighten your body without a single incision or injection. 

Even though body contouring treatments often help you lose pesky fat, they aren’t intended for weight loss. When opting for body contouring treatments, you should be at or approaching your desired weight. Body contouring is best used for reshaping or firming rather than resizing.

What parts of my body can I treat with body contouring?

Body contouring treatments are applicable nearly anywhere on your body that causes emotional stress or discomfort due to its layer of fat, skin laxity, or muscle weakness. 

Your provider helps you choose the right method to tone your:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Chin or neck
  • Pelvic floor

After a body contouring treatment, your body looks slimmer, more toned, and generally in better shape than when you arrived. You’ll see or feel a difference after a few easy, evenly spaced treatment sessions with no recovery time following.

What types of body contouring treatments are available?

Your provider at Orange Blossom Aesthetics helps you select the right body contouring treatment option from these available systems:


SculpSure is a high-tech body contouring system that your Orange Blossom Aesthetics provider uses to perform WarmSculpting™ fat-reduction treatments. WarmSculpting treatments use innovative light-based technology to heat and permanently destroy fat cells in problem areas such as the belly, thighs, back, and love handles. 

TempSure® Firm

TempSure Firm is a radiofrequency energy system that tightens the skin in trouble areas like the belly, arms, buttocks, and thighs. The continuous monopolar radiofrequency energy and a special massage head work together to reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you smoother, tighter, and firmer skin. 


EMSculpt is a body contouring system that works by stimulating the muscles in your abdomen and buttocks with electromagnetism. The muscle contractions that occur as a result mimic a high-intensity workout and help you build muscle while losing fat. 

There’s no need to be unhappy with the shape of your body, especially if you work hard to stay in shape. To explore your body contouring treatment options, request a consultation time by phone or online at Orange Blossom Aesthetics today.