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What Are the Benefits of Dysport?

At Orange Blossom Women’s Group in Trinity, FL, we understand that your appearance is important to you. The health and vibrancy of your skin can make all the difference in how confident you feel in your daily activities. That is why we offer our patients Dysport, a natural injection that helps smooth out fine lines, erase wrinkles, and relax the muscles of the face and neck in just one treatment.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is an injection of a neurotoxin known as ABO. The ABO neurotoxin works to temporarily reduce activity in the muscles by blocking off nerve communication near the injection site. This helps to relax the muscles while smoothing out the skin, giving a younger-looking appearance.

There are many treatments on the market, but many leave behind proof that a cosmetic procedure has been done. This proof is often bad enough to keep many patients from ever receiving cosmetic injections. This treatment is different. It is natural, effective, and safe, allowing the patient to get the radiant skin they want with only a few treatments a year.


There are many uses for this treatment. Patients often choose it for cosmetic and muscle therapy needs. Some of the most common uses of this injection include:

The Benefits of Dysport

This injection is the key to getting younger-looking skin in no time. There are many benefits to choosing this treatment. While each patient is different, some of the benefits of choosing this treatment include:

1. Non-Invasive

One of the best benefits of using this treatment is that it is non-invasive. There is no need for the patient to undergo surgery to see the results. The ABO neurotoxin will be injected directly into the muscles of the area affected. This allows you to get the treatment without any incisions into the tissues or the skin. Since the injection goes right into the muscle, recovery time is minimal.

2. Convenient

The treatment can be done in-office with your doctor. There is no need for the patient to spend any time in the hospital or for an overnight stay. In fact, many times one injection takes only 20 minutes. You can be in and out of the doctor’s office in a few minutes and move on with the rest of your day.

3. Safe

When they are injected into the skin in small doses, these neurotoxins are completely safe. Each injection of this treatment will only contain 0.05 milliliters of ABO or less. This is the perfect amount to help promote muscle relaxation without overdoing it and causing negative damage to your skin and muscles.

This treatment has been tested on many patients and is completely safe to use. There are no harmful chemicals found in the treatment. Since the amount of neurotoxin is so small, there is no real risk to this injection.

4. Effective

Many patients worry that this treatment will not be effective. Since your doctor can complete the injection in just 20 minutes or less, it is easy to assume the injection will not provide real results. Do not let the short amount of time you spend in the doctor’s office trick you into thinking this treatment does not work.

Even though the doctor can complete the injection for this treatment quickly, you should see improvements within three days. Also, the initial results you see from this treatment can last three to four months before you must receive another injection. Very few other treatments are this effective and provide results that last this long.

5. Natural 

While this treatment will work well against stiffness and spasms in the muscles, it is also a great cosmetic treatment. Your doctor will inject a small amount of the ABO neurotoxin into the desired area during your session. They may also massage the muscles of the face to help the ABO settle in a little bit.

After leaving after the treatment, make sure to exercise and move around the muscles of your face. Doing this helps to smooth out and soften the solution, giving you better results.

Unlike other similar treatments, this one will allow you to use the muscles of the face and neck naturally. After the treatment, you can smile, laugh, and frown naturally without a frozen look that comes with other options. This treatment also allows you to do these things without lines or wrinkles.

6. Inexpensive

This treatment is an inexpensive way to make real change, since most patients only need to receive three or four treatments a year to maintain the natural appearance they want. This makes it an affordable option to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

This injection is also effective against muscle stiffness and spasms. Compared to other similar treatments on the market, Dysport is easy to use, effective, and inexpensive. Talk with your doctor to determine whether this injection is a viable option for your muscle discomfort.

7. Improves Confidence

Dysport can help improve your confidence. When you look at your best, you feel your best. After one injection, you will notice the changes, and this will give a boost to your self-esteem.

8. Invisible

Since these injection treatments have been refined over the years, you can receive the treatment without the “frozen face” look of the past. When done by a professional, you can receive fills that are completely invisible. The best injections will give results that are subtle and enhance some of your best natural features.

9. Spreads Out

These injections are lower in protein compared to other similar fillers. This makes it easier for the doctor to spread it out evenly across the affected area compared to Botox. Not only does this make the injection easier to do, but it provides a more natural look.

10. Lasting Results

Unlike other injections, this treatment can last for months at a time. This helps you to enjoy the fresh-looking face without frequent re-applications. In fact, Dysport will last longer than Botox for most patients.

11. Works When Other Treatments Fail

If you have had Botox injections in the past, you may notice that the more you use them, the less effective they are. The reason this happens is the body naturally creates an immune response to the toxin. After some time, the immunity will break down the toxins long before they can create the effect you want.

While this shows your immune system is working properly, it does mean that Botox will become less effective. Dysport works when Botox does not. There are fewer proteins in this treatment, so your body is less likely to respond as strongly. Therefore many patients try this injection when Botox stops working.

FAQ’s About This Treatment

Patients who are well-informed about this treatment are often more satisfied with the outcome. Some of the most common questions you may have about this injection include:

1. What Should I Expect During This Treatment? 

During this treatment, injections will be made into the targeted areas using an ultra-fine needle. Inside the solution, there is a diluted form of botulinum toxin. This toxin works to paralyze the muscles of the face in this area to stop any contractions. This helps to prevent further formation of wrinkles on the skin.

2. How Long Is Recovery?

After receiving the injection, you should expect some redness and swelling in the targeted area. This is temporary and will fade away quickly. You can easily resume your normal activities right after the treatment. The effects of this treatment will start to show within a few days after receiving the injection. You should also see more improvements over the next few weeks.

3. How Long Does the Treatment Last?

This treatment will last somewhere between three to six months. First-time users may need to come back more often, while repeat patients will see their results last closer to six months or more. Each patient is unique, and your experience may vary.

4. Does the Treatment Hurt?

Your medical professional will use a local anesthetic to make the treatment as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Most patients agree that the injection is quick and there is only minor discomfort.

5. Can I Repeat the Treatment?

Most patients choose to repeat the treatment. An occasional “touch-up” of this injection will extend the length between regular injections by a few months. If you finish the treatment and enjoy the outcome, your medical professional can help you schedule your maintenance sessions to make sure you preserve your new youthful look.

6. Who Should Get This Treatment?

Most patients will qualify for this treatment. However, there are a few factors that come into play that determine who will get the treatment and who will not.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Your doctor can discuss whether this is the right treatment for you. If you have sagging skin or wrinkles around the neck and the face and you would like to achieve a more youthful look, then you may qualify. The ABO treatment is recommended for patients who have moderate to severe glabellar lines. This includes fine lines and wrinkles.

Conditions for receiving this treatment as a muscle therapy are different depending on their health condition. Only you and your doctor can determine if this injection will help relieve your symptoms. Children under two years old will not qualify for this treatment.

Who Should Avoid This Treatment?

This treatment should not be used on children two years of age and younger. Adults who have an allergy to the ingredients in ABO, an allergy to cow milk protein, or who get an infection at the injection site should not receive this treatment.

There are additional situations where you should consult with your doctor to see if this injection is right for you:

Always talk with your medical professional before beginning any treatment. Discuss your medical history, allergies, and any conditions of concern before starting. This helps your doctor determine if this is a safe option for you to use.

Getting the Treatment

Improving the appearance of your skin can be important for maintaining confidence as you get older. Contact us at Orange Blossom Women’s Group in Trinity, FL to set up your consultation and learn what options are available for you.

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