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How Long do Juvederm Results Last?

Many inpiduals interested in improving their facial skin appearance wonder how long their Juvederm results will last. Typically, this safe and effective dermal filler will last 6 to 8 months. Some patients keep their results longer. This injectable, FDA-approved dermal filler is used to plump up the skin that will hide those fine wrinkles that older inpiduals worry about. This brand of hyaluronic acid is also preferred by many plastic and dermatologic surgeons and cosmetic doctors to increase the skin fullness where stubborn deeper wrinkles and creases have developed over time. It is particularly effective as a lip enhancer due to its more natural and softer skin results.

Juvederm tends to have very impressive results in lip augmentations. The other big benefit is that this filler can be reversed easily by an antidote and/or reversal medication if too much of the product is injected. All patients will eventually absorb the product naturally over time as their bodies metabolize it. Every patient metabolizes things differently and at differing time rates. This accounts for the often wide range of time periods it takes before results are completely absorbed. Initially, the injected area will be a bit more full due to some injection site swelling. This lessens in a few days, with even larger scale plumbing or swelling being absorbed within a week’s time.

The results seen after a Juvederm treatment are truly amazing. This product is wonderful for erasing those smile or frown creases, brow lines, eye wrinkles and lip creases. Doctors really love the softer skin effect that this dermal filler creates around the lip region. Most inpiduals only need a treatment once to achieve the results that they desire. Sometimes, the doctor might advise using a combination of different dermal filler products or including another facial skin procedure to incur the best end results.

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors have been using this fine product with stellar results for years. Since the ingredient is natural to the human body, any side effects are typically minor and short lasting. This is an excellent skin treatment to give the face a more youthful and glowing complexion. The skin will look smoother, firmer and softer. This procedure begins producing results right away, but some patients still see increased results over a stretch of time. This simple facial skin treatment is not invasive and requires no recuperation time like traditional face, brow and eye lifts do.

Of course, following the treatment, patients should avoid sunburns and harsh environmental situations known to cause skin issues. Patients must also adhere to any post-procedure instructions to enjoy the full benefits that this superb Juvederm treatment can give. Others will immediately notice how beautiful your improved facial skin appears without knowing that a cosmetic treatment is responsible. Everyone will want to know your youthful secret to looking so gorgeous. Investigate all of the terrific benefits that an easy Juvederm treatment can offer. Interested inpiduals should immediately call for a consultation at Orange Blossom Women’s Group to learn more.

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