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Day Spa vs. Med Spa

Day Spa

Traditional Day Spas focus on relaxation and pampering.  They typically smell nice, offer common services such as facials and massage.  Some integrate hair and makeup services and may offer mani/pedi's.

Day Spa's are not  under the supervision of a Medical Director.  The treatments they provide are not typically performed by medically trained professionals, however they should be certified.

Medical Spa

Medical Spas are less about relaxing and pampering, and more about providing lasting improvements with advanced skincare using medical grade products and stratigic body treatments with state of the art body sculpting equiment.  Medical Spas require professional oversight of a Medical Director since treatments provided are powerful and preformed by a skilled professional.

Operating under the guidance of Dr. Reut Bardach, M.D., she is our onsite Medical Director.  (Does it get any better than having a skin/body expert in house?).  Dr. Reut Bardach oversees the Medical Spa staff traning to obtain superior results that if not done properly could have negative effects if they are not performed by a skilled provider.  

Take your skin and body aging concerns to the experts to a safe and effective place to spend your time and investment in yourself!

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