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If weight loss just hasn’t worked for you before, it’s time for a new approach with medically supervised weight loss at Orange Blossom Aesthetics. Reut Bardach, MD, and the experienced team of weight loss specialists use a fully customizable program called Clean Start Weight Loss®. Ready for a rapid weight loss plan that banishes belly fat while boosting your metabolism? Call the Trinity, Florida, office, or use online booking to start now.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is the medical weight loss program?

The medical weight loss program at Orange Blossom Aesthetics is called Clean Start Weight Loss. This program focuses on fast, safe weight loss that also improves your whole-body health. 

The Orange Blossom Aesthetics team, led by a medical doctor, designs a customized program based on your needs, and then supervises your weight loss through regular appointments. 

What does the medical weight loss program include?

Because the program is medically supervised, you get two of the most highly effective tools for weight loss, an hCG prescription and lipotropic injections. 

Lipotropic injections

Lipotropic injections include a combination of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that speed up your metabolism to help you reduce fat, particularly in the areas where it lingers like the belly. 

Together, hCG and lipotropic injections help you move into ketosis, the state in which your body targets and burns fat to use it for energy. 

Your medical weight loss plan also includes important resources, including a Clean Start Weight Loss guidebook. You get a cookbook that gives you easy-to-follow recipes using fresh foods (no prepackaged or bland food). The included shopping guide helps you navigate the grocery store successfully. Additionally, you'll get a food journal to track your eating. 

Do I qualify for the medical weight loss program?

If you have extra weight to lose and you're prepared to make a change, there's a good chance you'll qualify. The Orange Blossom Aesthetics team conducts a thorough medical history review and performs comprehensive laboratory testing before you start the diet program to gather the information they need to tailor your program for you. 

How often are medical weight loss program appointments?

You'll visit Orange Blossom Aesthetics once a week for the duration of your medical weight loss program. This allows you to get the continual support and guidance you need for maximum results. 

Some patients have lost as much as a pound a day during their 30-day program. After you’re at your goal weight, the included weight maintenance benefits help you keep it off long-term. 

Call Orange Blossom Aesthetics, or use the online scheduler to take the first step now. 

*Individual results may vary.